Multichain Poker & Gaming Network

Dedicated to crypto & NFT communities. Bringing new levels of utility, value, engagement & fun to every project.

$PACES token
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$PACES ERC-20 Token Contract
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Revolutionary features

At Pocket Aces Club we strive to take technology and innovation to the next level.


24/7 Live Poker & Mini Games
Texas Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, Chinese, 3,5,7 Card
Free play & buy-in


Host tournaments
Branded tables & dedicated rooms
Revenue share
Grow your community


Join in different poker tournaments
Hundreds of daily events
Community specific & project v project


Decentralized multichain network
On-chain & off-chain games
AI & big data analysis
Socialize via text, voice & video chat

$PACES Token

Buy Now on Uniswap


pre sale price
$0.002 USD
uniswap listing price
$92,165 USD
market cap
45 million
circulating supply
100 million
total supply

Token Distribution

DEX / CEX Listings & Liquidity - 40 Million
Pre Sale - 20 Million
Partnerships - 20 Million
Marketing - 15 Million
Team - 5 Million
Liquidity locked for 365 days. No vesting for pre sale.

Token Tax

4% Buy
Buyback & burn
4% Sell
Marketing & operations, staking rewards & tournament prize pools

Token Utility

Access to exclusive tournaments & events
Buyback & burn - 50% of all taxes and platform revenues
Stake & earn in ETH from platform revenues
ETH airdrop for top holders
Weekly burn lottery
$PACES is a deflationary token - All reward distributions are paid in ETH from taxes and platform revenues.

Our partners

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One platform to play, win & connect with hundreds of communities

Our roadmap

Clear goals, great planning, flawless execution.
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Stage 1 - 2022

Develop V1 poker platform
Desktop & mobile
All major poker games
Support play in major cryptocurrency

Stage 2 - Q1/Q2 2023

Partnership outreach
Token sale on PinkSale & GemPad
Listing on UniSwap
BETA & UAT testing
Official release - 26 June 2023

Stage 3 - Q3/Q4 - 2023

Dedicated partner rooms
Branded tables
Onboard 500+ communities
Integration of mini games
Listing on CEX's
Develop V2 platform

Stage 4 - 2024

Release V2 - Fully decentralized multi chain network
Support gaming on all major chains
Integrate gaming with NFTs

Some questions, some answers

Have a look at our most frequently asked questions.
How do I participate in the $PACES pre sale?

Participants will be able to purchase $PACES token via PinkSale on April 26 & via GemPad on 27 April 2023.
Participants will need to hold ETH ERC20 to purchase $PACES tokens.

Are there any restrictions on how many tokens I can buy during the pre sale?

Yes, the maximum initial buy per person is $100 USD in ETH. This is to ensure an even distribution of tokens across many holders.

What are the utilities of $PACES tokens?

$PACES tokens are used to access exclusive tournaments & events. Buyback & burn from taxes and platform revenues. Stake & earn in ETH from platform revenues. ETH airdrops for top holders from and weekly burn lotteries from revenues.

When will the platform go live?

Pocket Aces Club be officially be released on the 26th of June, 2023.

What blockchains will Pocket Aces Club support?

Pocket Aces Club is a multichain network supporting all EVM-compatible blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and more.

How do I partner with Pocket Aces Club?

Contact with details about your project/company and one of our staff will onboard your project.

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